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Consuming liquor could increase specific adverse effects of Robaxin.

The mean ( ± SD) elimination half-life in the cirrhotic patients and also the regular topics was 3.38 ( ± 1.62) hrs as well as 1.11 ( ± 0.27) hrs respectively.

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It is not recognized whether methocarbamol passes right into boob milk or if it could possibly damage a nursing infant.

When satisfactory comfort of signs is attained, it can often be kept regarding tablet computers.

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Methocarbamol is a white powder, moderately dissolvable in water as well as chloroform, soluble in alcohol (simply with home heating) as well as propylene glycol, as well as insoluble in benzene and n‑hexane.

The percent of methocarbamol expecteded to plasma healthy proteins was lowered to roughly 40 to 45 % as compared to 46 to 50 % in the normal topics.

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