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ROBAXIN Injectable could be carried out unmixed directly into the capillary at a maximum rate of three mL each min. Do not start a new drug without informing your physician. Methocarbamol (the active ingredient had in Robaxin) vials for injection include polyethylene glycol 300 (PEG 300). The clearance of methocarbamol in 8 renally-impaired individuals on maintenance hemodialysis was minimized concerning 40 % compared to 17 regular subjects, although the mean ( ± SD) removal half-life in these 2 groups was comparable (1.2 ( ± 0.6) versus 1.1 ( ± 0.3) hrs, specifically).

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It is possible that several of the dose types consisted of here may not use to the brand Robaxin. Methocarbamol is a white powder, moderately dissolvable in water as well as chloroform, dissolvable in liquor (simply with home heating) and propylene glycol, as well as insoluble in benzene and n‑hexane.

Caution should be exercised when Robaxin Injectable is provided to a nursing woman since numerous medicines are secreted in human milk. Inform your physician about all medications you utilize. Overdose of methocarbamol is frequently together with liquor or various other CNS depressants as well as consists of the belowing symptoms: queasiness, sleepiness, blurred vision, hypotension, seizures, and coma.